Friday, June 23, 2006

Restoration at the Upper Forge

Some further photographs of the Upper Forge Sluices, and of the interpretation being installed at the Upper Forge picnic site.

Firstly the Upper Forge Sluices - compare these views to the photographs in this post and you can see how much progress has been made in just three weeks. All credit to the contractors on this Phase of the works.

The reconstructed overspill, based on archaeological evidence. From here the water goes into the new culvert (entry to which is just out of sight below the blue brick wall).

The bottom end of the culvert, running to the east of the main sluices.

Another view showing the location the outfall from the culvert and the reconst- ructed wall.

Meanwhile, over the road the restoration of the Upper Forge Picnic Site (Boring Mill Pool) is also taking shape.

View from the new parking area showing the path towards the pool.

Archaeological features represented by the stone wall showing the line of the tenement back wall, and the circles showing the bases of the steel furnaces.

View from the pool looking back towards the parking area.


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